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Terms of Service

The present conditions and terms regulate the use of the Internet Portal "Tauta.lv" (hereinafter, "Portal")

By using the Portal, you agree to this agreement to use the Portal. If you do not agree with the conditions of use, do not access and do not use the Portal. Remember periodically review these terms and Operator the Portal (hereinafter "Operator") it reserves the right to modify them.

You must be at least 18 years of age to use the Portal.

You accept that you are fully responsible for any of the content loaded by you on this site, including its legality, veracity, originality and copyright. You (hereinafter, "User") personally certify that any content posted by you on this site does not infringe the rights of any other person. By uploading content to this site, you are granting the company the rights to use all of this content.

You also agree to:
- Do not collect private information from users of this site and make use of it outside this site.
- Do not use photos or content that are not yours.
- Do not make defamatory, violent statements, threats or incite hatred against a person or group.
- Not disseminate, transmit or make available to third parties any information, element or content that involves a violation of intellectual and industrial property rights, patents, trademarks or copyright that correspond to the owners of the Portal or third parties.
- Not to introduce or spread data programs (viruses and harmful software) on the network that could cause damage to the computer systems of the access provider, its suppliers or third-party Internet users.

It is prohibited to create or have more than one profile / account in the Portal.

It is totally forbidden to create a new account if any of the options / applications / sections is not available for the current user account.

It is forbidden to create profiles with false data.

It is forbidden to impersonate other people's identities.

It is prohibited to post photos with advertising messages, website addresses, email addresses, logos, telephone numbers etc.

It is prohibited to post comments or messages in the forum / chat / ads to complain about another user / moderator / administrator.


The Operator has the right to review all the information uploaded to the database by the users of the Portal.

The Operator reserves the right to review and delete any content, or part of it, that is on its servers, including texts, messages, videos, photos or any other, without justification or necessary notice.

The contents, elements and information to which the user can access through the Portal are subject to industrial and intellectual property rights, trademark patents, copyright of the owner of the Portal or third parties who own them. Consequently, access to these contents or elements does not grant the User the right to alter, modify, exploit, reproduce, distribute or publicly communicate or any other right that corresponds to the owner of the affected right.

The User undertakes to use the contents and / or elements accessed through the Portal Services for their own use and needs, and in no case to perform commercial exploitation, directly or indirectly thereof.   


The Operator does not guarantee the availability, access and / or continuity of the operation of the Portal and its Services. Likewise, the Operator will not be responsible, with the limits established by the Law, for the damages and losses caused to the User as a consequence of the unavailability, access failures and lack of continuity of the Portal and its Services. The User acknowledges and accepts that the use of the contents and / or services offered by Portal will be at his own risk and / or responsibility. The Portal Operator will not be liable for damages or losses of any kind that may arise from the use of the Portal or from the interruption of the service or its continuity, including, among others, direct and indirect damages.

The Portal is exempt from all kinds of responsibilities in the following cases:
- Incorrect use of username and password.
- Technical failures that due to fortuitous causes or of other nature, prevent a normal operation of the service.
- Lack of availability of the site for maintenance reasons and others, which prevents the availability of the service.
- Trespassing of third parties in the service. Given the advances of the technique, it is possible for third parties to enter The Portal and cause disturbances. Without prejudice to this, the Operator makes all the technical efforts through the incorporation of the corresponding technological measures, to reduce this type of risk. However, the user is informed that these unlikely intrusions may cause disruptions in respect of which The Operator will not respond.
- Due to lack of accuracy or accuracy in the information.
- For possible claims of third parties for intellectual property rights and / or patents or trademarks, in relation to any type of content that users upload to the Portal. This type of claims will be directly derived to the User, who will be liable in full for the damages, damages and legal expenses that may arise.
- For possible conflicts between users, because of slander, insults or any other causes that motivate a conflict between them.
- For all opinions, comments or recommendations made by users, not guaranteeing their veracity or quality, as they do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Operator.
- Because of the incidental deletion of all or part of the web site material, it is impossible or very expensive to recover it, so that it can not be carried out finely, so users are advised to keep backup copies of their content

Access to the Portal is blocked from non-Spanish IP addresses.

The Operator excludes any liability for damages of any nature that may be due to lack of availability or continuity of the operation of the portal and services, to the fraud of the utility that users may have attributed to the Portal and services , to the fallibility of the Portal and of the services, and in particular, although not exclusively, to failures in accessing the different web pages of the Portal or those from which the services are provided.

The Operator excludes any liability for damages of any nature that could be due to the knowledge that may have unauthorized third parties of the kind, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the use made by the users of the portal and the services.


It is forbidden to provoke, insult, offend another user or create conflicts in the portal.

The User is solely responsible for the interactions with other users of the Portal. The Portal operator reserves the right, but not the obligation, to mediate between user disputes.

Although we establish rules regarding the conduct of users and publications, we do not control what users post, transmit or share on the Portal, and we are not therefore responsible for it or any content that is offensive, inappropriate, obscene, illegal or questionable that you can find in the Portal or in your private messages. The Operator is not responsible for the conduct, online or offline, of any user of the Portal.


All commercial activity is prohibited in the Portal.

It is prohibited to transmit unsolicited or authorized advertising, advertising material, "junk mail", "chain letters", "pyramidal structures", or any other form of solicitation, except in those areas (such as commercial spaces) that have been exclusively conceived for it.

It is strictly forbidden to advertise and promote other web pages (services, products) on the Portal and in communications between users.

The Operator has the right to create filters to avoid spam.


Comments that intentionally seek to provoke users or administrators / moderators creating controversy and controversy is considered trolling and is prohibited.

False complaints against other Portal Users, which will be considered serious misconduct and will be considered a troll activity, are not allowed.

Comments or absurd messages posted with the intention of creating controversy to damage the Portal, may be deleted without notice and their authors suspended if they persist in their attitude.

It is forbidden to attack the integrity and good name of the Portal.

It is prohibited to post comments or messages that violate the Terms of Use of the Portal.

Comments or messages that contain criticism of the moderation policy are not allowed. The moderation policy is discussed with administrators and moderators only by private messages.

It is forbidden for users to try to solve their differences through public messages. Any behavior in this line will be eliminated.


In the Portal, the User may find links to other web pages through different buttons, links, banners, etc., which are managed by third parties. The Operator does not assume any responsibility for any aspect related to the linked website.

The Operator does not guarantee the legality, reliability and usefulness of the services provided by third parties through the Portal or over which the Operator only acts as a means of advertising or intermediary service provider. The Operator will not be responsible for damages of any kind caused by the services provided by third parties through the Portal.

The Operator does not control previously and does not guarantee the absence of viruses and other elements in the contents and services provided by third parties through the Portal.


The Operator may deny or terminate your service and adopt technical and legal measures to keep users away from the Portal if we believe they are creating problems or acting contrary to the spirit or form of our rules and conditions of use, all of which regardless of any payment made for the use of the Portal or complementary services.


The Portal is the property of the Operator. All rights reserved. None of the materials in the Portal may be used, reproduced or transmitted, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including projects, studies, photocopies, recording or the use of any storage system. and recovery, without written permission from the Operator.


In the Portal there are free services and others for payment. If the User uses a service that implies a cost, he must review and accept the conditions of the same. The rates are set in euros and can be modified from time to time. Any change in said rates will be communicated through its publication in the Portal.

The VIP account does not guarantee the right to publish announcements or public messages in the wall / forum / chat of the Portal.


The provision of personal data is a prerequisite to create a profile and receive services in the Portal. By registering on the Portal, the user authorizes the automated processing of personal data that he has voluntarily provided through the various forms of the same. The user accepts that the Operator processes their personal data both in the web version and in the mobile applications.

Specifically, the user authorizes to share their sexual orientation with the users and visitors of the Portal.

What information do we deal with?

When registering in the Portal, the user must provide several types of information that will be used for the following purposes:

1) To log in as a user in the Portal (email address, phone number, password), to restore access if you forget the password. This information will not be visible to other users of the Portal.

2) Data that will be published in the user's profile, for example, place of residence, age, height, weight and other physical characteristics, interests, marital status, sexual orientation, photos, videos, location (only when the section is used) Map ") and linguistic knowledge. This information will be visible to any user and visitor of the Portal.

We process all this information, as well as your content published on the Portal either in blogs, ads, photos, videos, events, debates, comments or in groups.

We process information about your friends, favorites, people on your "Blacklist", people on your "They want to know you" list and about the events in which you participate.

We process information about the devices you use to access the Portal (type of device, operating system, Internet search engine, Internet service provider, IP address, device location, connection time, activities on the Portal).

If you make payments on the Portal, we process the information related to your payments.

Users must provide true and current information. If the user changes the information in the "Sex" section more than 3 times during a period of 6 months, their account in the Portal will be deleted. Each time the user changes the information in the "sex" section, the action performed will be visible in their profile and this information will not be deleted as long as the user's profile exists.

If any profile contains obviously incorrect information (for example, sex: woman, age: 90 years, height: 195 cm, weight: 50 kg, you want to meet a man from 18 to 19 years old) the user profile will be deleted.

It is forbidden for the same user to create more than one account on the Portal. This is only allowed in exceptional cases, to be agreed with the administration, if there is a substantial justification, such as maintaining a virtual group from a separate account. If the Operator suspects (or receives complaints) about a user's fraudulent activities, such as operating with multiple accounts, impersonating another person to mislead users, the Operator has the right to request that this User uploads two of his / her photos containing a sheet of paper with the nickname or ID number in the Portal. The Operator can mark the user's photos with the Portal logo.

The Portal uses cookies .

For what purpose do we process your data?

We process information to guarantee the functioning of the Portal, provide services to users and offer the possibility of finding other users of the Portal based on different criteria: age, physical characteristics, sexual orientation, interests, etc.

The data we collect is used to provide, maintain, personalize, protect and improve the Portal's services.

We process the information to verify the identity of the users, avoid the unauthorized use of the Portal and protect the interests of the Operator and other users.


The user has the right to access, rectify, oppose and cancel their personal data in the "Settings" section of the Portal. To check any personal information that can not be consulted in the Portal, you can contact customer service (sections Contact / Help).

Right of portability. The User has the right to receive a copy of their personal data by requesting it in the "Help" section. A copy of the data will be prepared within 7 days.

What information is prohibited to publish in the Portal?

When registering in the Portal, it is forbidden to use a username (nickname) to identify a person, such as:
ana-gonzalez-fernandez (name and surname)
dorta (last name)
cristina1975-radazul (name, year of birth, place of residence)

Any profile with these user names will be removed from the Portal.

It is prohibited to publish personal data of other people or photographs of other people. If in the user photo you can see yourself and other people, the user must obtain permission from others to publish the photo in the Portal. Said photograph must be marked as "private".

It is forbidden to publish any type of private correspondence among users, even if the names of the people involved in the correspondence are not published.

How can other people access your information?

The information published on your profile (age, sex, place of residence, physical characteristics, interests, activities, friends, groups, photos, videos, etc.) is available to all Portal users, as well as to a limited number of visitors of the unregistered site and search engine bots.

Unregistered users and visitors of the Portal, including search engine bots, can see your published content, such as comments, blogs, debates, events, participation in events and more.

The users of the web will be able to see if you have visited their profiles or photo galleries.

In the Portal you can use the option "Private photos and videos". Photos marked as private can only be seen by people who have received your permission (section "Permissions / photos"). Be very careful with this option because it only hides the location of your private photos. Anyone who has access to your private photos can copy them and send them to any user of this page and to anyone who does not visit this site. Anyone who knows the location of your private photographs will be able to see and copy them. Do not upload photos (public or private) to the Internet that may compromise you in any way.

Transfer of data to third parties

Without a special agreement with the user your data may be transferred to the following third parties:
- Spanish and foreign payment processing systems, legal services companies and financial accounting.
- Spanish and foreign tax administration institutions.
- Spanish and foreign police and judicial authorities.

The data to said third parties can only be transferred in the minimum and necessary amount, and only when they apply the appropriate confidentiality obligations.

The Portal uses the following third-party services:
- To send emails to the user's email addresses (the third party has access to the user's email address and the content of the email sent).
- To send SMS messages to the user's mobile phones (the third party has access to the user's phone number and the content of sent SMS).
- To receive the content distribution network (CDN) and reverse proxy server services (this is necessary to guarantee a faster and more secure operation of the Portal).

Communication with users by email and telephone

The Operator, without the user's permission, does not send commercial information or other unsolicited information. However, it reserves the right to contact the user by email or telephone in cases related to your account / profile, security or significant changes in the operation, regulations or privacy policy of the Portal.

Removal of user data

If the user deactivates his account, other users will no longer be able to see his profile. The user can reactivate his account within the next 10 days. To do so, you have to start a new session with your username and password. In case of not doing so, after 10 days the user account and profile will be deleted completely.

If the user wishes to delete their profile immediately after deactivating the account, they can do so by writing to the Portal's email address. The request must be sent from the email address registered in the user's account.

To avoid fraudulent activities and illegal actions (for example, a third party has somehow stolen the user's password and deleted their account), the Operator can keep the following information for the user within 90 days after the deletion of an account. :
- Email address.
- Phone number.
- IP addresses.
- Activities carried out in the Portal.

Ninety days after deleting an account / profile, the user will not be able to create a new account with the same phone number.

After deleting an account / profile, messages that the user has sent to other users, their comments in other users' galleries, blogs, debates and other places may not be deleted.

After deleting an account / profile, personal data can be processed if the current law requires it.

Because the Portal uses CDN services, users' photos and videos can be stored on several servers in different parts of the world, so after being deleted, they can be available to users for a period of time until they are Remove from all servers.

If the user violates the terms and conditions of use of the Portal or the Privacy Policy, his account can be completely eliminated without providing information related to the cause, even if the user uses payment services. In this case the money for the services is not returned.

If the user violates the terms and conditions of use of the Portal or the Privacy Policy, the Operator has the right to block his telephone number to avoid the creation of a new account / profile with that same telephone number. In this case, the blocked phone number will not be associated with any other personal data of the deleted account / profile.

Where are my data stored? Who is responsible for the processing of your data?

Your data is stored in servers located in the OVH datacenter, France. The data controller is the operator .

Accredited employees in the data center are the only ones who can physically access the Portal servers. Access controlled with accreditation, video surveillance and security personnel 24 hours. Rooms equipped with fire detection systems. Presence of technical personnel 24 hours a day.

The operator may change these terms at any time. In case of significant changes, the user will be informed.

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